Bathsheba, Barbados | Bucket list

World-class surfing and dramatic scenery are in ample supply on the island’s rugged Atlantic coast

  • Photo by Simon Dannhauer/
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Nature’s restless beauty plays out in the constant motion of the Atlantic Ocean, which shapes the rugged and wild east coast of Barbados, creating numerous natural wonders. At the foot of the island’s hilly Scotland District — named for its supposed resemblance to the Scottish Highlands — the village of Bathsheba is known for its rock formations, protruding dramatically from the sea and sands of Bathsheba Beach, as well as the popular surfing spot called Soup Bowl. Here the Atlantic winds whip the waves up into a frenzy, making an ideal location for surfers. Further in, boulders shelter calm pools perfect for taking a dip.

Caribbean Airlines operates several flights each day to Grantley Adams International Airport in Barbados, from destinations in the Caribbean and North America

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