Blue Lagoon, Port Antonio | Bucket list

Just far enough from the bustling resorts of Jamaica’s north coast to feel secluded, this expanse of vivid blue water is a not-so-secret treasure

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  • Photo by Ajlatan/

East of the town of Port Antonio, near the quietest stretch of Jamaica’s north coast, the Blue Lagoon is no secret, but it feels a world away from the bustle of Kingston and the crowded resorts of Ocho Rios or Montego Bay. The geology of St Thomas Parish is responsible for this natural beauty-spot: the lagoon is actually a limestone sinkhole, fed by cold freshwater streams and open to the tides of the Caribbean Sea. If this sheltered expanse of water surrounded by forest seems timeless, it’s also constantly changing: visitors often remark how the lagoon’s clear waters vary in hue from bright turquoise to deep ultramarine as the sun and clouds move overhead, and the unpredictable variations of cold and warm currents gives a specially refreshing edge to a swim here. For generations, locals shared the myth that the lagoon is bottomless, but marine scientists have more recently offered evidence to the contrary: it’s been measured at 170 feet deep. A raft tour is a good way to explore without plunging in — and your guide will be happy to share other Blue Lagoon legends, like the one about the mysterious sea creature said to lurk in its depths…

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