St Vincent & the Grenadines — one destination, 32 islands | Escape

Near the southern end of the Antillean chain, St Vincent and the Grenadines is one country made up of thirty-two islands. Welcome to the charms of Caribbean Airlines’ latest destination — from the clear turquoise water of the Tobago Cays to St Vincent’s volcanic black beaches, to the gingerbread cottages of Mustique and the boat-builders of Bequia

  • Protected by a marine park, the uninhabited Tobago Cays and nearby Horseshoe Reef, in the southern Grenadines, are a paradise of shallow turquoise water, accessible only by boat. Photo by Jonathan Palmer/Mustique Airways
  • In the hills above St Vincent’s Mesopotamia Valley — surrounded by rainforest, 1,500 feet up — the Montreal Gardens owe their lushness to fertile volcanic soil. Photo by Kay Wilson
  • For generations fishing was the mainstay of Bequia, and the island is home to master boat-builders — who nowadays also craft intricately detailed model vessels, practically seaworthy. Photo by Michael Defreitas Caribbean / Alamy Stock Photo
  • In a chain of islands with no shortage of stunning beaches, Mayreau’s Salt Whistle Bay may be the most gorgeous of them all, with its powdery white sand and warm, clear water in a heavenly shade of blue. Photo by Jonathan Palmer/Mustique Airways
  • Privately owned Mustique, dotted with colourful villas and cottages, has long been a retreat for the international jet set. Photo by Kay Wilson
  • St Vincent’s volcanic geology means that its windward coast is scattered with natural black-sand beaches. Photo by Kay Wilson
  • Bridge to adventure in the hills of St Vincent. Photo by MBrand85/
  • St Vincent and the Grenadines map

Caribbean Airlines operates regular flights to Argyle International Airport in St Vincent, with connections by ferry to the Grenadine islands

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