Let them bloom: Kristin Frazer

Designer Kristin Frazer of the British Virgin Islands creates swimwear inspired by desert blooms, to flatter bathing beauties of all shapes

  • Swimwear from Trèfle’s Atacama collection. Photo by Teeona Lane
  • Swimwear from Trèfle’s previous collection, Botanical Garden, featuring Grammy award-winning singer Chrisette Michele. Photo by Norman Allen

Finding the perfect swimsuit can sometimes be an exhausting task. Thankfully, designer Kristin Frazer of Trèfle is here to kiss our swimwear woes goodbye. Her line of curve-hugging and flattering swimwear is made for women of all sizes (two to twenty-four, to be exact). The British Virgin Islands designer believes women should always feel sexy, beautiful, and loved, and her latest collection, Atacama, proves just that. Inspired by the Atacama Desert, a place that blooms some of the most beautiful flowers despite being the driest place on earth, Frazer has created pieces using her own original fabrics. From beautiful florals to colours reminiscent of a sweet Caribbean sunset, this latest swimwear stands way above the rest, just the way she imagined.

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