Dan The Crab and The Dumpling Ghost

A story for younger children by Sonja Dumas

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Dan the Crab and his friend the Dumpling Ghost went to swim in the sea on a beautiful moonlit night. The sea was calm and the water was warm, and Dan and the Dumpling Ghost were having a very good time splashing and playing in the water.

All of a sudden, they heard something growling, and the sea became very rough. They heard a loud noise, and then a shadow appeared. It was the Seaweed Monster! The Seaweed Monster is big and green and brown and mean — and it doesn’t like little crabs or dumpling ghosts. In fact, it doesn’t like ghosts at all.

“Swim back to shore!” said Dan to the Dumpling Ghost. But as he said that, the Seaweed Monster grabbed him and held him high in the air. “RRRRRRR!” growled the Monster. Dan tried to fight his way through by snapping his claws at the Monster’s long seaweedy arms, but it was no use. The Monster was too big and too mean.

Seeing this, the Dumpling Ghost thought, “I have to save Dan from the Monster. How best can I help him?… Aah …” Then she knew. She did what ghosts do best. She shouted a loud “B0000!” Now, almost nothing works better than a loud “boo!” to scare somebody — even a big, mean, brown and green Seaweed Monster. As soon as he heard the boo, the Monster dropped Dan “plunk!” back in the water and swam far, far away. He was sure he didn’t want to hear “boo!”

Dan the Crab and the Dumpling Ghost continued their moonlight swim, knowing that the Seaweed Monster was too scared to come back and cause any more trouble.


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