Jean-Marie Thomas: Breezy chic

Antiguan designer Jean-Marie Thomas suggests two breezy ensembles perfect for an elegant day on the beach or a relaxed night out

  • Mother-of-pearl dyed coated flat, round shell, mixed stones; at centre, large hammered-copper pendant
  • Brass and more brass; gold-coated wooden beads, threaded with copper wire for stability, and finished with a handmade clasp

The aJeanté label, launched in 1998 by Antiguan designer Jean-Marie Thomas, combines lightweight natural fabrics with elegant, relaxed silhouettes. These ensembles are a true representation of chic, timeless Caribbean style. Soft-flowing breezy lines set a laid-back mood — for a romantic vacation, a night out, or the perfect beach wedding. Get more information on where to buy her designs at

Accessories by Miranda Designs
Available at Om Japa, Sugar Ridge Resort and upstairs in the departure lounge, VC Bird International Airport in Antigua.
(268) 776-3090, (268) 726-1588, (646) 330-5359

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