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CimaVax: revolutionary medicine

When United States President Barack Obama landed on Cuban soil in March this year, the first sitting American leader to do so since 1959,...

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Cuba — the enigma of an island

The Egyptian mummy lies silent and elegant under the glass case. Standing there in the cool de-humidified air, I’m aware of experiencing...

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Secret islands: the “undiscovered” Caribbean

There are more than seven thousand different islands in the Caribbean, according to the reference books, most of them tiny by any standard....

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The Cuba strategy

Cuba, the island best known for its fifty-year feud with the United States, is also a popular tourist destination, attracting around three...

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Earthy delights

Andromeda Gardens Bathsheba, Barbados Near a steep cliff overlooking the island’s east coast, Barbados’s best-known garden began as the...

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Voices: Maraca’s Other Vision

“You can’t play music just by making sounds,” says Orlando “Maraca” Valle, Cuba’s fabulously talented...

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Music: A Cuban Love Affair

If you wanted to win a Grammy, sell two million albums and make one of the top ten highest -grossing documentary films ever, would you...

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New year, new era

It was to be a New Year’s Eve party with a difference. Fulgencio Batista, dictator of Cuba, traditionally invited his most trusted...

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