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Q&A with Carlos Lechuga | Screenshots

Cuban filmmaker Carlos Lechuga talks about his hard-hitting, sepia-hued short Generation

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Embark, People, Film and Television, Cuba

Q&A with Arturo Infante | Screenshots (July/August 2019)

Cuban filmmaker Arturo Infante talks about his new sci-fi feature, The Extraordinary Journey of Celeste García

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Santiago — carnival city | Explore

Santiago, Cuba’s second-largest city, has long been a hotbed of culture — and it comes to a blaze each July, as Santiago’s unique annual Carnival, centred on the feast of St James the Apostle, takes over. Donna Yawching explains the historical roots of Santiago Carnival, and why it’s a time of year when no one expects to get much sleep

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Alicia Alonso: forever prima | Backstory

How did Havana come to be one of the world’s leading centres of classical ballet? Nazma Muller tells the story of prima donna assoluta Alicia Alonso, and her influence on generations of Cuban dancers

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All about blue | Round trip

Is any colour more distinctive of the Caribbean? Take a tour of the region through our many hues and shades of blue

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Falling for Havana | Explore

Few cities in the world have such an aura of history and glamour as Havana. As Donna Yawching writes, the Cuban capital has its gritty side — right next to world-class architecture, amazing culture, and a spirit that has to be experienced to be understood

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Head for heights | Round Trip

There’s nothing like the thrill of a higher perspective, far above the ground — from ziplining to rock-climbing to floating in a hot-air balloon. Get ready to soar

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