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Trinidad’s Stephen Ames: Seeing Green

Chaguaramas Public Golf Course on Trinidad’s north-west peninsula. A still, sultry February afternoon. Vultures wheel lazily under a...

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Time for Tobago: A Destination Guide

INTRODUCTION TO TOBAGO The early morning sunlight warms the water of Stonehaven Bay, the drying seines, the pelicans perching solemnly...

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A House of One’s Own

Poor Mr Biswas. All the hero, or perhaps more accurately the anti-hero of V. S. Naipaul’s finest novel wants is his own house. Three...

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Ancestral Kitchen

Diners at the Trinidad Hilton Hotel and Conference Centre are experiencing a sweet hand with a distinctly Caribbean touch. Recently...

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Wendy from the West Indies — Trinidad’s Wendy Fitzwilliam

“The unity of the West Indies . . . ” This was one of the goals Wendy Fitzwilliam promised to work for as she was acclaimed Miss...

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Investing in Trinidad and Tobago

The Trinidad and Tobago economy is back on a sustained growth path, after an almost decade-long decline in the eighties and early nineties....

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Christo Adonis: 21st Century Carib

The forest-hardened arms of this man gently cradle the head of his granddaughter as they swing in a hammock under an open shed. Kada is two...

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Off the Beaten Track: Macuro, Trinidad

When you arrive at the village of Macuro, your hosts bring their wheelbarrows to meet you. There is no other transport. Your bags are...

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