St. Lucia

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Peak conditions: taking on the Caribbean’s mountain ranges

Twice the heights St Lucia’s Gros Piton and Petit Piton are icons of the island’s mountainous landscape, and a challenge for hikers....

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St Lucia’s Wild Coast

A four-wheel drive vehicle will get you right to the beach at Anse Lavoutte, but I relish the trek on the rocky road that follows the...

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Darren Sammy: “I only know one way to live”

People ask me why I am always smiling. I tell them it’s a way of lulling the opposition into a false sense of security. Because under...

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First coming: Davina Lee’s debut film

Davina Lee is editing an episode of the bimonthly Carib Vision TV programme Smile Patrol, which she shot earlier in the week. The host has...

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The questioner: Vladimir Lucien

Vladimir Lucien understands, unflinchingly, the truth of which the late American artist Robert Henri spoke: learning to look for the spirit...

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Four of the best Caribbean beaches

GRAND ANSE, GRENADA Grand Anse is two miles of gleaming white sand beach and sparkling blue sea in south-west Grenada. It is the most...

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Derek Walcott: making poetry from nothing

Many years ago, as the Founder Leader’s motorcade flashed past a rumshop in Georgetown, Wilson Harris – the inscrutable magus of...

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St. Lucia’s Llewellyn Xavier: Turning Green

Llewellyn Xavier is slicing an avocado. It is not just a chore. “Look,” he says, “if you cut it across and not...

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