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Llewellyn Caines: “Sunshine” in paradise | Nevis

Imagine this: a sumptuous lobster lunch, served in the casual-chic surroundings of one of the world’s most renowned beach bars, with the...

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25 Caribbean achievers under 25

25 for 25 Since the first issue of Caribbean Beat was published in 1992, we’ve profiled hundreds of our region’s best and brightest —...

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On a clear day in St Kitts . . .

. . . maybe you can’t see forever, but you can certainly see both Saba (on the horizon at left) and St Eustatius from the vantage point...

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St Kitts & Nevis: five centuries in two days

There are a couple of things you should know about St Kitts and Nevis before we embark on a history-steeped tour of the twin-island Eastern...

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Konris Maynard: King of St Kitts

Apologies in advance to Trinidadian readers for what I’m about to write—and please accept my assurances that there’s nothing personal...

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The little house of history: St Kitts’ International House Museum & Edgar Challenger Library

A lot of the region’s history can be found on the island of St Kitts. And much of it can be found in a small house on Central Street,...

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Seven days in St Kitts

This, I have to tell you, isn’t the easiest of writing assignments. It’s not that the idea of seven days in this off-the-beaten-track...

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Lady Saw: she came, she saw

Two things dawned on me the other day as I soaked up the music and the vibes at the 11th annual St Kitts Music Festival. First, and perhaps...

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