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The Queen’s kaiso

When British calypsonian Alexander D Great heard calypso for the first time, it wasn’t in Trinidad, where he was born in Belmont, the...

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Word of mouth (July/August 2015)

On Haitian earth Philip Sander explains the historic significance of Carifesta’s visit to Haiti There’s a sad disproportion between...

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Flower power: the Caribbean at the Royal Chelsea Flower Show

Imagine having to put your cut flowers to bed at night, tucked up in a warm blanket! This is what happens when tropical blooms are flown...

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Beyond the beyond: the Shetland Islands

At the gate to the path leading up to Hermaness, there was a helpful sign explaining how to fend off a skua attack. The massive seabirds...

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The triumph of calypso cricket

The clue comes in the sixth line of the famous calypso’s fifth and final verse. The song we’re talking about is “Victory Test...

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Notting Hill Carnival: Mas and the mother country

Fifty years ago, England’s first real Trinidad-style Carnival took place – indoors, in the middle of winter, at St Pancras Town Hall....

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The Rhodes more travelled: Gary Rhodes

Caribbean eyes are smiling at another conquest of the British. And this time it’s not in sport, but in the culinary arena. Just as the...

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Sarah Beckett: mixed media

There are two reasons you end up in another country: work or love. So it was love – I married a Trinidadian. I came here in the late 60s...

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