Culture, Music, Arts, Canada, Caribbean Diaspora

Rhythms International rocks

If you happen to be within easy reach of a computer – and who isn’t, these days? – you might want to call up the following website...

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Culture, Food and Cuisine, Canada, Caribbean Diaspora

Hot Shoppe in a cold country

Customers tap their feet to David Rudder’s “Trini to the Bone” as they shuffle down the line for their boneless chicken roti at D Hot...

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Culture, Environment, People, Canada, Barbados

The Bellairs Research Institute: Finding the Answers

It is late at night. Savage waves pound the shoreline of Barbados’s rugged Atlantic coast. Emerging from the turbulence, a l80-pound...

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Community, Culture, People, Canada, Trinidad and Tobago

Sandra Dean: Rethinking Education

How does the sheltered daughter of a suburban community in Trinidad come to be one of the most decorated principals in Canada? What is it...

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Culture, People, Sports, Canada, Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad’s Stephen Ames: Seeing Green

Chaguaramas Public Golf Course on Trinidad’s north-west peninsula. A still, sultry February afternoon. Vultures wheel lazily under a...

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Culture, Literature, Arts, People, Canada, Barbados

Austin Clarke: “I was a necessary nuisance”

The prize has made my life more hectic than I like. It has opened vistas that I never thought could be associated with writing. I am seeing...

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