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The stones of Statia

Growing up with the ruins of a three-hundred-year-old fortress on the beach in your back yard can send your life in a certain direction. It...

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Azonto Lessons

This is my first time! In Africa! I exclaim this first to the immigration officer. And thereafter to anyone else who comes too close. My...

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Miami is an island

Time for a geography quiz: name a Caribbean city famous for its eponymous beach and its palm-lined avenues, its picturesque Bahamas-style...

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Imran Khan: “I envy folks who doze off…”

With a name like his, it seems inevitable that Guyanese Imran Khan would have a career in cricket — not as a star player like his...

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Paramaribo for pleasure

If you’ve never visited Paramaribo, here’s what you may know about the Surinamese capital: that it’s the only Dutch-speaking city in...

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Ifeona Fulani: Jamaica homecoming

There was that first homecoming, years ago now, when I returned to Jamaica after more than thirty years of absence. I was four when I left...

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Waiting for the monsoon

August. A sweltering England. I pack a pair of floral Wellington boots and fly to Bombay. “Come to visit during the monsoon,” my friend...

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Mysteries of the Maya

The ascent to the summit of El Castillo is not for the faint of heart. If the hike up an imposing stone staircase doesn’t leave you...

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