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Naomi Osaka: a Haitian-Japanese star on the rise | Snapshot

For anyone who likes easy answers to questions of identity, Naomi Osaka is a conundrum: half-Haitian, half-Japanese, raised for part of her childhood in New York City, visibly hybrid. As Caroline Taylor learns, Osaka hasn’t always been comfortable with the role of mixed-race role model — but she’s learning to embrace it, on her own terms

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Football holiday | On this day

When two English football clubs toured the Caribbean fifty-five years ago, local teams in Jamaica, Trinidad, and Barbados were no competition. Haiti was a different story, writes James Ferguson

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Can Caribbean football make an impact at international level?

Trinidad and Tobago legend Dwight Yorke recently stated that Caribbean football is on the decline. But is there any truth in his statement? Are Caribbean nations failing to produce as many top-level players? And is Caribbean football on the decline?

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Arthur Wint: long before Bolt | On this day

Usain Bolt may be Jamaica’s most famous Olympic medallist — but he was far from the first. James Ferguson looks back at the life of Arthur Wint and his extraordinary achievements both on and off the track

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FIFA World Cup: Caribbean footballers by proxy | Snapshot

For sports fans around the world, the arrival of June means the start of the 2018 FIFA World Cup finals. No Caribbean team qualified this year, James Ferguson writes, but that doesn’t mean our region won’t be represented

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A Commonwealth Games gold relay repeat? | The game

As the Commonwealth Games open in Australia’s Gold Coast, can Trinidad & Tobago’s 4×400 relay team, the reigning world champions, repeat their victory? Kwame Laurence reports

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The games are coming

“We want a repeat of the Beijing Olympic 100 metres final right here in Port of Spain – minus the Americans of course.”...

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West Indies Cricket: the Way to Go

“The more things change, the more they stay the same.” There’s a lot of truth in that old saying, no doubt. But recently...

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