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Caribbean Football: Who the Cup Fits

For a small country, a national sports team is a potent symbol, a repository of civic dreams and aspirations. If that team happens to be a...

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Trinidad’s Stephen Ames: Seeing Green

Chaguaramas Public Golf Course on Trinidad’s north-west peninsula. A still, sultry February afternoon. Vultures wheel lazily under a...

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Barbados’ Obadele Thompson

His name is Yoruba, meaning “The King arrives at Home,” and for Obadele Thompson, the 22-year-old Olympic runner, it will be an uneasy...

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Taking on the America’s Cup

Out of a late-night drinking session in the island of St Thomas came a most challenging proposition. Shooting the breeze during the annual...

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By Any Other Name

“Tooth Pick”, “Groover”, “Fruit-T”, “Tangles”, “Iron Gloves”, “Dog”, “Little Master” may sound like horses...

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More than Life or Death: CLR James’ Beyond a Boundary

It was Bill Shankley, the manager of Liverpool Football Club, who once famously said that football wasn’t really a matter of life or...

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Fields of Dreams

The International Test Cricket season is always awaited with eagerness by cricket-mad West Indians. And with the top-rated Aussies as...

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Doing It Dwight: Tobago’s Dwight Yorke

The story of the young boy plucked from the beaches of Tobago against his mother’s wishes to join the uncertain world of English football...

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