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Good, Bad and Ugly Bugs

So what is a bug? A micro-organism, especially one causing disease, is one of the definitions for bug in the dictionary, and in general...

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Culture, Environment, People, Trinidad and Tobago

Bernadette Coutain-Plair: Lady of the Blue and Gold

It was worth the long drive from Port of Spain to the east Trinidad hamlet of Plum Mitan, one Friday morning in March, to witness a...

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Subterranean Secrets: Trinidad’s Mud Volcanoes

I’m looking at a photograph of three pelicans perched on top of the mud volcanic island in Trinidad’s Chatham Bay, which erupted on May...

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Culture, Environment, Science

Caribbean volcanoes: sun, sea – and ash?

Sure you’ve heard about Vesuvius, and how it blew away Pompeii, but what about Soufrière? And exactly which Soufrière are we talking...

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