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Going for the Birds

Until last December there were 431 recorded species of birds in Trinidad and Tobago, an extraordinary range for such small islands. Then,...

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The Bellairs Research Institute: Finding the Answers

It is late at night. Savage waves pound the shoreline of Barbados’s rugged Atlantic coast. Emerging from the turbulence, a l80-pound...

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Turtle Watching in the Caribbean: Out of the Deep

Merle Gunby watches as one of the earth’s oldest and strangest creatures – the Leatherback turtle – carries out her nesting...

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In Search of the Tufted Coquette in Trinidad & Tobago

More than 430 bird species have been recorded in Trinidad and Tobago, over 170 in the Arima Valley alone, site of the famous Asa Wright...

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A Very True Observer: Philip Henry Gosse

Life was not easy for Philip Henry Gosse in the early 1840s. He trained for a career as a naturalist, but it was a tough way to make a...

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Little Tobago: Counting the Birds of Paradise

There may or may not be a portrait of Queen Victoria looking down on the chaps at Britain’s Scientific Exploration Society, but the fact...

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Winston Nanan and the Caroni Swamp

When he was 11, Winston Nanan’s father pulled him out of school and sent him into the swamp.   It should have been an inauspicious...

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Montserrat: Mountains of Ash

It was difficult to grasp the fact that it was possible to walk across the verandah and through the shutters straight into a first-floor...

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