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St. Lucia Sea Fever

Surf, paraglide, dive, fish, ski, or just keep on tanning? Chris Huxley looks at the tough choices that face the watersports addict in St...

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Jamaica Cool

Some years ago I took the Long Island Railroad from Penn Station in Manhattan. A few stops down the line is Jamaica in the borough of...

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Trinidad & Tobago: Dancing To A Different Drum

“So what is Trinidad famous for?” the teacher asked. The subject was Caribbean achievements. It was a hot Friday afternoon; the...

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Little Tobago: Counting the Birds of Paradise

There may or may not be a portrait of Queen Victoria looking down on the chaps at Britain’s Scientific Exploration Society, but the fact...

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Sleepless in the Apple: New York City

New Yorkers should be the last people on earth to need an extra cup of coffee. This is the City That Never Sleeps, where you can...

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The Windward Side

A huge broken caterpillar of bales, boxes and bags twists along the wharf beside a red-hulled ship. Formidable ladies in bright clothes and...

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Jammin’ in Jamaica

I had a rahtid good time, as Jamaicans would say. It may have been the free Red Stripe beer but even now, sober, I have only good (if...

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Letter from London

Visiting London in the first few months of 1998? You’ll find a city warming up to a sparkling spring season of events — from classics...

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