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HIV & AIDS in Jamaica: Kwame Dawes tackles the taboo

Since the early 1980s, Kwame Dawes has explored contemporary Jamaican culture through poetry, plays, novels, and academic work, looking at...

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Community, Culture, Food and Cuisine, Trinidad and Tobago

Feast from the East

When I was growing up in Port of Spain during the Seventies, we knew nothing about Arabic food. It was not part of the national culinary...

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Community, Culture, Guyana

Amerindian Guyana

It’s the height of the rainy season, in July, and several Makushi women are talking about the uniforms their children need for the new...

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Community, Culture, Music, Arts, Trinidad and Tobago

The Chutney Phenomenon

To a visitor in the 1920s, Debe, in south-west Trinidad, was “almost wholly a Hindu town”. Seventy years later it’s still...

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Community, Culture, People, Canada, Trinidad and Tobago

Sandra Dean: Rethinking Education

How does the sheltered daughter of a suburban community in Trinidad come to be one of the most decorated principals in Canada? What is it...

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Community, Culture, History

Golden Jubilee: UWI at 50

Professor Rex Nettleford examines the first 50 years of UWI as “a history of creative response to the challenge of change” In 1948,...

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Community, Trinidad and Tobago

Orisha Trinidad: Drums and Colours

It is time for the invisible to reveal themselves. The drums are speaking to the ancient ancestors of Africa. Tonight in a rural garden in...

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Community, Culture, Festivals and Events, Trinidad and Tobago

Happy Holi

Phagwa, or Holi, in Trinidad usually follows on the heels of Carnival. It is a festival of Hindu origin brought by the Indian indentured...

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