Culture, Literature, History, Haiti

The Fire This Time

Si ou gen youn sous k ap ba-w dlo, ou pa koupe pye-bwa kot. “If you have a stream that gives you water,” runs the Haitian proverb,...

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Culture, History, Lifestyle, Trinidad and Tobago

Christo Adonis: 21st Century Carib

The forest-hardened arms of this man gently cradle the head of his granddaughter as they swing in a hammock under an open shed. Kada is two...

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Culture, Literature, Arts, History, Martinique

The Birth of Negritude

When does a piece of writing become a classic? Perhaps never more definitively so than when it appears on Oxford University’s syllabus....

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Culture, History, Lifestyle, Guyana

Essequibo Stories

In Guyana, Goldmine and Wolga were where I spent holidays as a boy with my grandfather and his life-long friend Joslin Matthews. Five miles...

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Culture, Food and Cuisine, History, Trinidad and Tobago

Tropical Chocs

Only during the short, frenzied feeding days of Easter do we eat even more chocolate. At this time of year, even after the saturation...

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Culture, History, Barbados

Heavy Metal

The Caribbean is full of mysteries. One recently revealed is that Barbados has the rarest collection of 17th-century English iron cannon in...

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Culture, History, People

The Bosnian Connection

The conflict in the former Yugoslavia began in 1991 when Slovenia and Croatia declared independence and the Serbs, backed by the powerful...

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Leisure, Travel, History

The Connoisseur’s Caribbean

Every true wine lover hopes to someday tour France’s Bordeaux region, or California’s Napa Valley. Opera mavens head to Milan for...

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