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Ancestral Kitchen

Diners at the Trinidad Hilton Hotel and Conference Centre are experiencing a sweet hand with a distinctly Caribbean touch. Recently...

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Tropical Chocs

Only during the short, frenzied feeding days of Easter do we eat even more chocolate. At this time of year, even after the saturation...

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Carnivorous And Proud Of It

I know too many vegetarians. Even in the Caribbean, where meat has never gone out of fashion, I’d begun to feel a bit vulnerable. For...

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A Sweet, Sticky Story

The recipe called for pectin. The name sounded familiar. A kind of sugar? Pectin. Something made from fins? No. Pectin, I discovered, makes...

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Cook it up

I left Trinidad early one January morning, thinking that Jamaica was the two things I most needed: it was warm, and it was 900 miles away...

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Culture, Food and Cuisine

Meet me at the office

First-time visitors to the Caribbean may be unaware that the most important institution in the islands is neither the parliament nor the...

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