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Caribbean favourites | Did you even know

Our trivia column tests your knowledge of some of the Caribbean’s signature places

  • Photograph by Tomml/iStock Photo

While you’re dreaming about your next Caribbean vacation, test your knowledge of some of the region’s bucket-list locations. Stumped? All the answers can be found in our feature “The Caribbean We Love”, — or at the bottom of the page!

1. What’s the name of the deep underwater trench between Andros and New Providence in the Bahamas?

Neptune’s Keep
Great Bahamas Rift
Tongue of the Ocean
Deep Blue

2. Which coastal community in Jamaica is known as the home of jerk?

Boston Bay
Rio Bueno
Treasure Beach

3. What fruit indigenous to St Martin is used to make the island’s signature liqueur?


4. What’s the name of Dominica’s most celebrated volcanic site?

Hot Springs
Lava Pond
Devil’s Hole
Boiling Lake

5. In the cathedral in Castries, you can see murals by which beloved artist?

Dunstan St Omer
Llewellyn Xavier
Derek Walcott
Cedric George

6. What do Barbadians call the hilly area near the island’s east coast?

Little Alps
Bathsheba Heights
Scotland District
Highland County

7. Which of the Grenadines is known as the “island of the clouds”?


8. What rare bird species can you see at Trinidad’s Asa Wright Nature Centre?

Harpy eagle
Red-billed tropicbird
Bee hummingbird

9. What is the name of the river that, plunging over an escarpment, forms Guyana’s Kaieteur Falls?


Answers: 1 Tongue of the Ocean 2 Boston Bay 3 Guavaberry 4 Boiling Lake 5 Dunstan St Omer 6 Scotland District 7 Bequia 8 Oilbird 9 Potaro