Author: Tracy Assing

Culture, Environment, Science, Trinidad and Tobago

Where the birds belong

Of all the countries of the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago boasts the highest number of recorded species of birds, with 468, according to...

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Culture, People, Trinidad and Tobago

Wendell Manwarren: none shall escape

As a child I was never interested in Kiddies’ Carnival or anything like that. I was carted off very early to the Savannah for Panorama...

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Culture, Food and Cuisine, Trinidad and Tobago

The churn

My family has always had a great relationship with ice cream. It might have something to do with our tropical weather, but I’ve answered...

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Culture, Business, Trinidad and Tobago

Not just a stroll on the beach

Dean Walcott’s work day starts at 6 a.m., with a 15-minute taxi ride from Caanan to Store Bay. Tobago depends on tourism for most of its...

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Culture, Festivals and Events, Trinidad and Tobago

Chasing the dragon boat

Thousands of people turned out to witness the inaugural dragon boat race held in honour of the 200th anniversary of Chinese arrival in...

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Arts and Architecture, Culture, Arts, Caribbean Diaspora

Imagining the islands

Brooklyn has long been recognised as a melting pot of Caribbean culture in the United States. Many Caribbean migrants call the borough...

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Culture, Sports, Trinidad and Tobago

Run, Ernest, Run

Ernest Kimeli and Jemima Sumgong of Kenya set new male and female course records last year when they completed the 13.1-mile International...

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Eco buzz (July/August 2007)

The Caribbean: sun, sea, and…whale-watching Whale-watching may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the Caribbean,...

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