Author: Tanya Batson-Savage

Engage, Arts and Architecture, Community, Jamaica

Inner-city art in Kingston

The shell of the old Toyota warehouse at 41 Fleet Street is a ghost from a bygone era. But concrete skeletons are nothing rare in downtown...

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Arrive, Arts and Architecture, Music, Food and Cuisine, Jamaica

Kingston beat

Discover Kingston, Jamaica Get down with downtown Downtown Kingston is one of the neighbourhoods visitors are often urged to avoid. Yet...

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Embark, Literature, Music, Travel, Festivals and Events, Jamaica, St. Lucia

Word of mouth (May/June 2016)

Jazz for the people Laura Dowrich on how St Lucia Jazz, celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary, brings artists and audiences close...

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Engage, Community, Music, Jamaica

Alpha plus: Jamaica’s Alpha Boys School

It’s a hot day in February as I drive up Mountain View Avenue in Kingston. The foothills of the Blue Mountains are dotted with patches of...

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Immerse, Culture, Theatre and Dance, Arts, Jamaica

Neila Ebanks: no boundaries

Neila Ebanks’s forearm is a clue to her personality. It bears the tattooed words “integrity is freedom,” an open reminder of a...

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Immerse, Culture, Film and Television, People, Jamaica

Esther Anderson: “They said I’d snubbed Hollywood”

I was born in St Mary Parish — Highgate. I have a sister, four brothers, and other half-brothers and -sisters — my father’s children....

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Culture, People, Jamaica

Joy Spence: “There’s so much artistry to it”

To become a master blender, you should have great sensory skills. It’s the perfect combination of art and science — you never, ever...

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