Author: Shivanee Ramlochan

Immerse, Literature, Culture, People, Trinidad and Tobago

Wild words: Trinidadian poet Danielle Boodoo-Fortuné

Although Danielle Boodoo-Fortuné prefers to dwell in realms of possibility, rather than concrete certainty, the following is absolutely...

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Embark, Reviews, Culture, Literature

Caribbean Bookshelf (May/June 2013)

  What Things Are True, by Jackie Hinkson (Paria Publishing Company, 316 pp, ISBN 9789768054968) Tempting as it is to term this book...

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Embark, Reviews, Literature, Culture

Caribbean Bookshelf (March/April 2013)

Picturing the Caribbean The traditional photo book is going through some changes. No longer content to reside stoutly on coffee tables,...

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Literature, Culture, People, Trinidad and Tobago

Barbara Jenkins: writing a lifetime

“If I had to describe my daily writing life,” Barbara Jenkins laughs, “I would call it chaotic.” She refuses to endorse the notion...

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Literature, Culture, People, St. Lucia

The questioner: Vladimir Lucien

Vladimir Lucien understands, unflinchingly, the truth of which the late American artist Robert Henri spoke: learning to look for the spirit...

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