Author: Shelly-Ann Inniss

Immerse, People, St. Lucia

June Soomer: a voice for all | Backstory

If you scan a boardroom, platform, or summit, her hair stands out. Not only is her bun quite tall, sometimes it’s the only mass of hair...

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Culture, Environment, Aruba

Aloe vera: the thorny balm

“Go out in the garden and cut some aloes” are dreaded words for many Caribbean children. Aloe’s bitter taste is enough to prove that...

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Embark, Festivals and Events

Datebook | Caribbean Events Calendar (May/June 2017)

Don’t miss . . . Fiesta de San Juan 24 to 27 June Trinidad, Cuba Caribbean festivals usually mean love, partying, and a salutation to...

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Engage, Culture, Environment, Technology

Electric Avenues

Some of my fondest childhood memories involve cars. My father and I used to play a game called “guess that car” — down to the year of...

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Embark, Festivals and Events

Caribbean Datebook (September/October 2016)

Don’t miss . . . Ramleela October A folk theatre dramatisation of the ancient Ramayana, the Ramleela (or Ramlila) is a tradition brought...

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Engage, Culture, Environment, Barbados

Wide Sargassum sea

On my last flight to Barbados, I looked out of the aircraft window and saw scattered masses of brown matter floating on the sea. For a...

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Culture, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, United States

Island Beat (September/October 2000)

UWI fete for Miami Carnival It’s official. The UWI fete is coming to Miami. This is a chance for Caribbean people in the United...

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