Author: Sharon Almerigi

Culture, Arts, Lifestyle, Grenada

Riding the Bus in Grenada (a Poem) | Last Word

Riding a Grenadian bus is like a spiritual experience. Not because it puts you closer to the hereafter, and not because you find yourself...

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Music, Culture, People, St. Lucia

Luther François: Hearing The Music

Jazz is in the hearts of Caribbean musicians. Luther François of the West Indies Jazz Band hears it in the music of violinists and other...

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Travel, Culture, Lifestyle, Antigua and Barbuda

Lord Nelson’s Legacy in Antigua

“Think of me tonight with a woman in my arms and a bottle of rum in my belly,” said William Clarke to his fellow seamen in...

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Travel, Culture, Lifestyle, Grenada

The Grenada Travel Cop | Last Word

In Grenada, all visitors know the handsomely-uniformed policemen who direct traffic through the narrow streets and crowded intersections of...

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Culture, People, Dominica

Lennox Honychurch: Love for an Island

These green triangles of my destiny rise out of the boiling ocean vanish among the swirling vapours of the sky. Three-cornered crosses...

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