Author: Peter Rickwood


The King and I

Indulge my political correctness, if you will, and call me a republican, although the two countries of which I am a citizen, Britain and...

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Culture, Environment, Trinidad and Tobago

Francis Morean: medicine man

Out of the glare and blast of a Trinidad afternoon in the eastern town of Arima, up a flight of painted concrete steps into the umbra of a...

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Arrive, Environment, Travel, Business, Guyana

Iwokrama: Guyana’s green gold

In the shade of the forest, out of the burning heat of the sun, toucans are yapping to each other as shrilly as puppies. Vitus Antone...

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Culture, Travel, Festivals and Events, Lifestyle, Dominica

Saving the Sisserou

A mid the branches of the huge gommier trees, on the flanks of the sleeping Morne Diablotin volcano in Dominica, there is a flash of green;...

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Culture, Environment, Lifestyle

Requiem for the Monk Seal

The blood of the heavy animals stained the blue water around the open wooden boats. Grunting sailors, fearful of sharks, dragged the beasts...

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Culture, Environment, Travel, Trinidad and Tobago

Little Tobago: Counting the Birds of Paradise

There may or may not be a portrait of Queen Victoria looking down on the chaps at Britain’s Scientific Exploration Society, but the fact...

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Culture, Travel, Lifestyle

The Windward Side

A huge broken caterpillar of bales, boxes and bags twists along the wharf beside a red-hulled ship. Formidable ladies in bright clothes and...

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