Author: Paul Crask

Culture, Environment, Travel, Lifestyle, Grenada

A Green [Organic] Valley in Grenada

“Try the goat’s cheese. It’s amazing.” Shadel Nyack Compton, managing director of Belmont Estate, is buzzing with enthusiasm. She...

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Culture, Environment, Lifestyle, Dominica

Rolling in the deep: whale-watching in Dominica

All eyes are glued on the captain as he begins his briefing. We’re bobbing quietly on gentle waves, about a mile off Dominica’s west...

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Culture, Travel, Lifestyle, Grenada

Carriacou: voyage to world’s end

Carriacou was made for walking. Combined with hitching rides and taking local buses, it’s absolutely the best way to explore this...

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Culture, Literature, Reviews, Dominica

Book Reviews – May/June 2010

In all likelihood, Dominica’s Kalinago represent the last of the “Island Caribs”, a term coined by Europeans for a succession of...

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Culture, Travel, Lifestyle, Dominica

I can see clearly now: hiking Dominica’s Pitons

I really enjoy hiking, even though these days I know my aging muscles and bones will tend to gripe at me the morning after. But recently...

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Culture, Music, People, Dominica

Nelly Stharre: woman of the earth

Ten years ago, when I saw Nelly Stharre on stage in Dominica for the first time, she sang songs that made the hair on the back of my neck...

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Culture, Environment, Travel, Dominica

A day with Bertrand “Dr Birdy” Jno Baptiste

Bertrand Jno Baptiste, affectionately known as Dr Birdy (it’s plastered across the windscreen of his car, in case there are doubters), is...

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