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With goats (or sheep) for company | Offtrack

As he spends three days roaming Carriacou and Petite Martinique — Grenada’s less-visited offshore islands — Paul Crask reflects on the islands’ histories, soaks up their charms, and muses about their futures

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La Soye: Dominica’s town beneath the sand | Discover

Archaeologists in Dominica are unearthing an abandoned town which, explains Paul Crask, may fundamentally change our understanding of Dominica’s history

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Dominica — only natural | Explore

The wild places of Dominica, the Caribbean’s Nature Island, aren’t just ravishingly beautiful, writes Paul Crask — there’s room to breathe free, even during COVID-19 restrictions

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Michele Henderson: “I woke up with an entire song in my head”

Singer-songwriter Michele Henderson, performing at October’s World Creole Music Festival, on her musical childhood and her transition to the international stage — as told to Paul Crask, at her home in Grand Bay, Dominica

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Clearing the trail | Escape

Dominica’s Waitukubuli National Trail is the jewel in the Nature Isle’s ecotourism crown. 2017’s Hurricane Maria devastated the trail — along with the rest of Dominica — but now an unusual breed of “voluntourists” are helping restore it. Paul Crask meets two of them

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What follows the storm in Dominica | Green

In September 2017, Hurricane Maria devastated Dominica’s houses, businesses, and infrastructure. But the storm also took a toll on the Nature Isle’s forests and wildlife — a major blow for an economy that depends on eco-tourism. Paul Crask reports

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Dominica: morning has broken

My home is in a small village called Giraudel, on the western slopes of the Morne Anglais volcano in the southern half of Dominica. It’s...

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Word of mouth (May/June 2015)

The flower ladies Paul Crask explores his neighbours’ colourful gardens as they prepare for Dominica’s annual Flower Show Stephanie...

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