Author: Nicole Smythe-Johnson

Immerse, Culture, Travel, Lifestyle

Nordic routes

Last year, I visited Scandinavia for the first time. I was there for a curatorial residency at the Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, just outside...

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Immerse, Technology, Arts, People

Five Caribbean artists in the brave new digital world

As with every other field of human endeavour, the computer and information technology have revolutionised art at so many levels that the...

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Immerse, Arts and Architecture, Culture, Arts, People, The Bahamas

The Anti-expected: Lavar Munroe

In the weeks leading up to the opening of the Venice Biennale on 9 May, the inboxes and newsfeeds of the international art world have been...

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Immerse, Culture, Literature, Arts, Grenada

Malaika Brooks-Smith-Lowe: “From a place of love”

Movement is intergenerational in my family. I was raised between Grenada and the United States, living in each for a few years at a time,...

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