Author: Melanie Archer

Embark, Arts, Trinidad and Tobago

Marlon Darbeau — design that blooms

Over the past six years, Trinidad-based design company By Making, founded by Marlon Darbeau, has become well known for its beautiful...

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Immerse, Arts and Architecture, Culture, Arts, People

Nadia Huggins: after the leap

It’s a dramatic landscape, in which there are the expected elements: the translucent blue and white of sea and sand, the strong forms of...

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Arts and Architecture, Culture, Arts, Jamaica

The earthship has landed

Over the past 15 years, green building—sustainable design, green architecture—has made its way towards the top of the global issues...

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Immerse, Culture, Film and Television, People, Aruba

Juan Francisco Pardo: Stories for the eye

It takes significant skill and perhaps even more restraint to tell a good visual story in just sixteen minutes. To lead the viewer through...

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