Author: Kellie Magnus

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Need to know | Events calendar (Mar/Apr 2019)

Essential info to help you make the most of March and April across the Caribbean — from music festivals to Holi poems to Jamaica’s Champs athletics extravaganza

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Akino Lindsay: superhero moves | The game

Inspired since childhood by the Power Rangers TV show, Jamaican taekwondo champ Akino Lindsay uses martial arts to change his life and inspire other young people in Kingston’s toughest communities, writes Kellie Magnus

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Put me in the picture

Soft footsteps followed me down the biscuit aisle. A pair of ackee-seed eyes peered at me from around the milk refrigerator. A small head...

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Word of mouth (March/April 2015)

Beat it Attillah Springer explains why Trinidad’s old tradition of the Good Friday bobolee remains more relevant than ever The Good...

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The reasoning is the seasoning

“That is a beautiful question,” Ben Tsedek says, with a gleam in his eye. “Sit down. Let me tell you what’s wrong with carrots.”...

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Arts and Architecture, Culture, History, Jamaica

Jamaican art: open house

The iconic work of the National Gallery of Jamaica It’s a hot Sunday afternoon, and the streets of downtown Kingston are still and...

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Up next in Jamaican music

In today’s blink-and-you’ll-miss-it world of instant celebrity, finding real talent can be a challenge. Every teenage boy wants to be...

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Culture, Music, Arts, Jamaica

Rocking to a different beat

Here in Jamrock, one thing is as certain as sunshine: reggae music reigns supreme. But thanks to a generation of youngsters raised on a...

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