Author: Joshua Surtees

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Back to St Lucia | Escape

A childhood visit to St Lucia was a life-changing experience for Joshua Surtees — and an introduction to the Caribbean, where he’d later make his home. Returning to St Lucia after thirty years, what would he learn about the island and himself?

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Ever-blooming Calypso Rose

On a grey, drizzly night in Rouen, a packed concert tent is rocking to a calypso beat. It’s an odd juxtaposition. Rouen — a...

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Patricia Scotland: “I wanted to do”

Born in Dominica in 1955, to a Dominican mother and an Antiguan father, Patricia Scotland was the last of her parents’ twelve children to...

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Baroness Valerie Amos: Wakenaam to Westminster

The way Baroness Valerie Amos speaks — in an accent more Kentish than anything else — you get the sense that the extraordinary...

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The Queen’s kaiso

When British calypsonian Alexander D Great heard calypso for the first time, it wasn’t in Trinidad, where he was born in Belmont, the...

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Melanie Abrahams: “I like Jamaica, but I’m more Trini-minded”

There were always books around the house growing up — Anansi’s fables, Enid Blyton, Winnie-the-Pooh, fairy tales about soucouyants and...

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St. Lucia’s Joseph Marcell: “Some say it’s luck”

There’s a point in King Lear when I ask, “Does any here know me?” And at least once a week someone in the audience calls out:...

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