Author: Jonathan Ali

Culture, People, Literature, Dominican Republic

Junot Díaz: the wao factor

Junot Díaz was born on New Year’s Eve, 1968 in a barrio of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. When he was six he relocated with...

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Culture, Arts, Arts and Architecture, Trinidad and Tobago

Perfect, imperfect…future tense

Colin Laird looks out of the front of his first-floor office and creases his well-lined face. “It’s as if I’m not here any more,”...

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Immerse, People, Film and Television, Cuba

Rebel with a camera: Carlos Lechuga

Melaza, the debut feature film from Cuban writer and director Carlos Lechuga, opens with a shot of a sun-drenched field of sugarcane, the...

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Culture, Lifestyle, Environment, Trinidad and Tobago

Black hawk up in Tobago

In a backyard in Canaan, Tobago, there is a great black hawk – perched on my arm. Stalin – named for the acclaimed calypsonian, not the...

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Culture, Lifestyle, Travel, Suriname

Paramaribo’s oasis of peace

It is a typically heat-charged weekday morning in Paramaribo, the capital of Suriname. The streets are buzzing with the sounds of traffic,...

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Culture, People, Lifestyle, Food and Cuisine, Trinidad and Tobago

The return of King Cocoa in Trinidad & Tobago

In the hills above the village of Roxborough, towards the eastern end of Tobago’s wave-pounded windward coast, cocoa is making a...

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Culture, Reviews, Film and Television, Trinidad and Tobago

Film Reviews – January/February 2010

Master of the mas Jonathan Ali Will Peter Minshall produce another Carnival band? Since his last outing some four years ago, Trinidad and...

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Culture, People, Film and Television, The Bahamas

Maria Govan: “quite a challenging place to be”

I realised from very young that I wanted to make films. Being an only child, I played alone a lot, and I think that asks a great deal of...

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