Author: Jonathan Ali

Immerse, People, Film and Television, Dominican Republic

No money, no love

Laura Amelia Guzmán is recounting a story that would make any filmmaker shiver with dread. Last November at the International Film...

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Embark, People, Food and Cuisine, United States, Barbados

Bright lights, big city, hot sauce: Paul Carmichael

It’s early evening in New York City, and you’re in a buzzing restaurant with friends for an informal dinner. As you sip your ginga...

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Immerse, People, Film and Television, Dominican Republic

Leticia Tonos: love story

On 23 September, 2013, an extraordinary event occurred in the Dominican Republic. In a ruling viewed throughout the Caribbean and beyond as...

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Culture, Travel, Lifestyle, Suriname

Paramaribo: rolling in the deep

The muscles in my upper arms were screaming, protesting at the workout they were being made to undergo, the likes of which they hadn’t...

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Culture, Technology, Science

Riding the new wave of Caribbean cinema

There was a time when it seemed the Caribbean might be the next big thing in world cinema. In 1970, the first indigenous feature film in...

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Culture, Arts, Music, Trinidad and Tobago

Signal Hill: The people’s voice

On a damp, drizzly evening in Port of Spain, the Signal Hill Alumni Choir is in full flight. They’re performing at an open-air concert at...

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Culture, Food and Cuisine, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Breadfruit: superfood of St Vincent

On the face of it, the breadfruit isn’t the most exciting food in the world – just look at its name. But although it lives a quiet life...

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Culture, Travel, Lifestyle

Manaus: concrete and jungle

Getting there “Manaus?” my friend asked. “Of all the places in Brazil to visit—why there?” It was a fair question. And my friend...

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