Author: Joanne C Hillhouse

Immerse, Arts, Antigua and Barbuda

The Antigua Dance Academy: it starts with the drum | Backstory

The Antigua Dance Academy is the kind of company that brings a full musical theatre production to the streets of St John’s —...

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Embark, Sports, Antigua and Barbuda

Atlantic wide

How four brave Antiguans mastered “the world’s toughest row” Thinking about climbing Everest? How about a real challenge? Not...

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Engage, Culture, Environment, Science, Antigua and Barbuda

It started with a snake

The story of the Antigua and Barbuda Environmental Awareness Group’s Offshore Islands Conservation Project (OICP) begins with the...

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Culture, Travel, Lifestyle, Antigua and Barbuda

From Boggy Peak to Mt Obama

Like much of the world, last year Antigua contracted Obama fever – banners, T-shirts, a lyrical tribute by calypso legend King Short...

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Engage, Culture, Antigua and Barbuda

Need for speed: Renée “Buttaz” Edwards and Lisa “Lisalis” Abraham

On the track, strapped in, engines revving, Antiguan drag racers Renée “Buttaz” Edwards and Lisa “Lisalis” Abraham are defying...

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Immerse, Culture, Film and Television, Food and Cuisine, Antigua and Barbuda

Erna Mae Tonge: Recipe for magic

“Come in the kitchen and help me,” Gwendolyn Tonge would say to her daughter Erna Mae when she was still a girl. Now, the girl who...

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