Author: Jeremy Taylor

Culture, Literature, Arts, Trinidad and Tobago

Guerrilla: V.S. Naipaul

In rural England, where he lives, Naipaul responded graciously to the news of his award. He acknowledged England (his “home”), India...

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Culture, Travel, Lifestyle, Trinidad and Tobago

Chaguaramas: welcome to Yacht City

West of the Trinidad and Tobago capital Port of Spain, a long peninsula reaches out towards Venezuela. Once occupied by American forces...

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Literature, Reviews, Haiti, Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago

Bookshelf (July/August 2000)

PICK OF THE MONTH The Immaculate Invasion Bob Shacochis (Viking Penguin 1999; Bloomsbury paperback 2000; 408pp, ISBN 0-7475-4529-4) When...

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Music, Reviews, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago

Upbeat (July/August 2000)

PICK OF THE MONTH: Calypsoldier Ron Reid’s Sunsteel (Mud Hut Records, MH 901) Style and substance meet on this accomplished debut...

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Island Beat (May/June 2000)

Sports: Cricket Goes Disney Mention the word “cricket” at Disney World and most minds leap immediately to Pinocchio’s...

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Literature, Reviews, Dominica, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago

Bookshelf (May/June 2000)

BOOK OF THE MONTH For the Love of my Name Lakshmi Persaud (Peepal Tree Press 2000, ISBN 1-900715-29-5, 336pp) Lakshmi Persaud’s third...

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Literature, Reviews

Book reviews (July/August 2008)

More than a one-hit wonder This is the story of a man who became famous as a Test batsman who made a century on his debut, and then was...

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Literature, Reviews

Bookshelf (September/October 2007)

Beyond the Islands: An Autobiography Sir James Mitchell (Macmillan Caribbean, ISBN 1-4050-1417-2, 463 pp) For the best part of 30 years,...

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