Author: Donna Yawching

Culture, Travel, Lifestyle, Trinidad and Tobago

Tobago’s hidden history

One of the great charms of Tobago as a tourist destination, as far as I’m concerned, is its comparative lack of historic monuments and...

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Culture, Music, Arts, Canada

‘Round breakfast

Think jazz, and your mind conjures up a dark, smoky bar, ‘round midnight. What you probably don’t imagine is a cheery breakfast scene:...

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Culture, Leisure, Travel, Lifestyle, Sports, Trinidad and Tobago

Tobago Diving: Landscape of a Dream

It’s a bright, hot October day: the sky an intense blue, the sea deep green. The 55hp Evinrude engine cuts a foaming white swath...

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Culture, Literature, Arts

The Little Donkey

Jojo, the little donkey, was happy. The sun was lovely and warm on his back, and the tiny wildflowers danced in the breeze. It was the...

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Culture, Travel, History, Lifestyle

The Pilgrim’s Way

On a dusty roadside in northern Spain: two journalists and a donkey. Pointed west, towards the setting sun. The story actually begins more...

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Culture, Travel, Lifestyle, Barbados

Barbados for Kids

Okay, so when you were single, you stayed at Sandals. Barefoot in the sand, rum punches at sunset, tropical moonlight silvering the...

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