Author: Donna Yawching

Culture, Travel, St. Lucia

In love with St Lucia

St Lucia is the perfect place to christen your new camera. If ever an island could be described as photogenic, this is it. Apart from the...

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Arrive, Culture, Travel, Lifestyle, Canada

Toronto: summer in the city

They may not have written any soulful ballads about it (yet) — but Toronto in summer is well worth singing about. For one thing, it’s...

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Community, Lifestyle, Trinidad and Tobago

the barriers

We in the Caribbean are a family split up. We live in our separate islands, separate in terms of policy and philosophy, as well as...

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Culture, Food and Cuisine, People, Trinidad and Tobago

Pan cakes

Elton John couldn’t resist her salt-fish accras. Queen Latifah went wild over the coo-coo and red beans. As for Ray Charles, he just...

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Lifestyle, Trinidad and Tobago

Devil on wheels

On the roads of Trinidad, wise men say, only the strong survive. It helps, of course, if you have mag wheels, a souped-up engine, and...

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Culture, Travel, Lifestyle, Trinidad and Tobago

Tobago Thrills

It’s a brilliant sparkling day. The twin-engined dive boat roars through the water, cresting blue swells and leaving a churn of white...

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Culture, People, Canada, Trinidad and Tobago

Roger Mooking: his middle name is Multi-tasking

Roger Mooking’s face lights up when he talks about eggs. “Eggs are magic food,” he exclaims. “You can do so much with an egg....

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Culture, Theatre and Dance, Arts, Canada

Patrick Parson: soulful messiah of Ballet Creole

Fusion. Diversity. High-energy. These are the words one encounters, over and over, in articles written about Patrick Parson and his...

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