Author: Bridget van Dongen

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Home to Antigua | Home ground

Returning to Antigua after eight years away, Bridget van Dongen couldn’t wait to re-introduce herself to the island that made itself her home

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Engage, Community, Culture, People, Trinidad and Tobago

OK to be proud | Inspire

Six years ago, the tragic suicide of a teenager motivated the launch of an initiative to support young LGBTQ people in Trinidad and Tobago. Bridget van Dongen reports on the Silver Lining Foundation, and how they work to protect the vulnerable

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Culture, Reviews, Food and Cuisine, Jamaica

An appetite for travel

Nyam is the Jamaican word for “eat”, and as the title suggests, Nyam Jamaica takes a comprehensive culinary tour of that island....

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Arrive, Culture, Travel, Lifestyle, Antigua and Barbuda

Resort to bliss

I was lying in the warm water at the edge of the infinity pool, Champagne cocktail in hand. A passing waiter offered me some sunblock, as...

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Environment, Culture, Antigua and Barbuda

Martha Watkins-Gilkes: a tale of two ducklings

Early last June, an employee at the West Indies Oil compound in Antigua noticed a disturbance at the pond where the company stored waste...

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Culture, Lifestyle, Antigua and Barbuda

Vanessa Hall: Perfect bad luck

It was a piece of bad luck that put Antiguan photographer Vanessa Hall on the right track to a new, exciting career. After graduating from...

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Culture, Environment, Trinidad and Tobago

Where the wild things are

Growing up in north Florida, Pierson Hill developed a passion for the outdoors and living things – with a special emphasis on the...

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