Author: Annie Paul

Arts, People, Trinidad and Tobago

Chris Cozier: a state of independence

You get flag, nation and passport and you want more? 1997 Marketable Historical Injuries. Cultural mixer posing arrogantly as phallic...

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Immerse, Literature, People, Jamaica

The book of James — Marlon James

“You know that Cormac McCarthy thing you do where you start a sentence and you add an and, and then add some words, and then another and,...

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Island Beat (July/August 2000)

Film: Sam Mendes — the Oscar-Winner’s Caribbean Roots Trinidadians in the know were backing American Beauty to sweep the Oscars...

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Arts and Architecture, Culture, Arts, People, Trinidad and Tobago

Irénée Shaw: gazing at herself

Here I am . . . looking at you looking at me looking at you looking at me . . . This is what the work I was looking at seemed to be saying....

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Theatre and Dance, People, Jamaica

Rex Nettleford: “Running a university is like running a dance company”

At the risk of romanticising a little, I do treasure very much the fact of my growing up in rural Jamaica. I was born in Falmouth,...

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Culture, People, Jamaica

Father Carl Abrahams

Carl Abrahams, 14 May, 1911–10 April, 2005 Carl Abrahams, sometimes called “the father of Jamaican art”, was a man with a mission; a...

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Culture, Literature, People, United Kingdom, Jamaica

Stuart Hall: “Culture is always a translation”

I was born in Jamaica, and grew up in a middle-class family. My father spent most of his working life in the United Fruit Company. He was...

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Fierce Obsession

My Jamaica: The Paintings of Judy Ann MacMillan by Judy Ann Macmillan, with an introduction by Edward Lucie-Smith (Macmillan Caribbean,...

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