Trinidad’s Road March | Backstory

Trinidad & Tobago’s Carnival is full of rivalries and competitions, and none is more fierce than the annual Road March battle. Mark Lyndersay traces the history of the musical title that reflects the will of masqueraders on the street — and we dare to share our picks for the top ten Road March songs from the 1930s to the present day

The games are afoot | Snapshot

Video games aren’t just for teenagers to have fun — globally, they’re a highly lucrative business, requiring state-of-the-art technical know-how, creative flair, and significant investment. Mark Lyndersay meets the minds behind Couple Six and Coded-Arts, video game developers in Barbados and T&T, whose agenda includes creating games that reflect the culture of their home islands

Every Trinidad Roach March ever — and our top 10

Of the eighty-plus songs that have won the official Road March title at Trinidad Carnival, some are little remembered, some have become “back-in-times” favourites, and a few are considered landmarks — whether for their musical qualities or for trends they ushered in. Here are all the recorded Trinidad Carnival Road March winners from 1930 up to 2019 — and our picks for an all-time Road March top ten

Issue 123

EMBARK: Events around the Caribbean in September and October • Discover a new crop of Jamaican artists, experience J’Ouvert Brooklyn style, and jam to Dominica’s World Creole Music Festival • Cayman-based Admas Mahdere brings Ethiopian textures to the Caribbean • The West Indies women’s cricket team is on the rise • Travel tips from Vincentian …

Issue 108

Salsa, speedboats and shopping: Mark Lyndersay flies in to south Florida • Jonathan Ali sees contrasting sides of Suriname in the city and the rainforest • MacFarlane: The designer who has dominated Trinidad & Tobago’s Carnival since 2005 talks to Lisa Allen-Agostini • Machel Montano: The former wild child of T&T Carnival explains his lifelong …

Issue 108

Issue 101

In this Carnival issue of Caribbean Beat, Lisa Allen-Agostini meets the Hart family which has been bringing out a fun masquerade band for three generations, and the legendary Invaders steel orchestra is profiled by David Katz and Ray Funk … Mark Lyndersay presents priceless images of Trinidad Carnival as it was half a century ago, …

Issue 95

  David Pye offers a sneak preview of the new luxury resorts of the Dominican Republic • Ecology, history, diving and Belikin beer: Bob Berwyn enjoys an all-inclusive vacation in Belize • St George’s University, in the tropical setting of Grenada, was once considered merely an offshore American institution. Now it’s firmly established on the …

Issue 18

Rediscovering El Dorado with Mark Lyndersay; Bajan musican Arturo Tappin; Pat Bishop’s collection of miniatures; nesting leatherback turtles; Trinidad’s temple in the sea; the latest in Caribbean music, books, events and more from our regular departments.