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Issue 8


Shrimp aperitif at The Legend. Photograph by Eleanor Chandler

Eat Your Heart Out in Barbados

Valerie Jones explores the restaurants of Barbados and finds some places you can't afford to miss.

Caribbean Bookshelf (Winter 1993)

Caribbean Bookshelf (Winter 1993)

Some of the best new and recent books about the Caribbean.

VJs Sandra. Photograph courtesy CSN

Caribbean Music Around the Clock

CSN, the Miami-based TV station, is broadcasting Caribbean music to a large international audience.

Grand Caille near Soufriére. Photograph by Chris Huxley

Discover St Lucia

Caroline Popovic and Nancy Atkinson take you on a tour of one of the Caribbean's most popular destinations.

Dispensing the medicine: Kassav in action Guadeloupe. Photograph by Phillipe Giraud

Kassav: Doctor Zouk

The music of the French Caribbean has been sweeping the world, with the band Kassav in the forefront. Lorraine O'Connor traces their progress.

Yachts in the Carenage. Photograph by Jenny Bailey

Give Me A Boat

A tribute to sailors and boats - from giant cruise ships to tiny pirogues, of all sorts and sizes, which ply the waters around the Caribbean islands .

Wilfredo Lam

Meeting the Master: Wilfredo Lam

Geoffrey MacLean on the man who is a founding father of contemporary Caribbean art, the Cuban painter Wildredo Lam.

Illustration by Lilo Nido

Riding the Bus in Grenada (a Poem)

Sharon Almerigi takes her life in her hands.

White-faced whistling ducks at the Pointe-á-Pierre Wildfowl Trust. Photograph by Roger Neckles

Safe Haven: Trinidad’s Wildfowl Trust and Nariva Swamp

Anne Hilton visits a nature reserve on an oil refinery compound in Trinidad and finds a model for thoughtful conservation programmes.