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Stephen Derek in the 1990s . Photograph by Mark Lyndersay

Stephen Derek: the globetrotter

Stephen Derek: An apprentice of the great George Bailey, Derek has taken Trinidad Carnival around the world.

Culture's World Peace Album Cover

Music Buzz (January/ February 2004)

Culture stays close to their roots; Barbados hosts world-class jazz; Andre Tanker lives on in his music; 3Canal goes after joy for Carnival 2004; plus Dean Fraser's playlist and our rhythm roundup.

Yvonne Brewster, courtesy Yvonne Brewster

Yvonne Brewster: “I only do what I want to do now”

Jamaica-born actress Yvonne Brewster on black British theatre and working with C.L.R. James; as told to Nazma Muller.

Wayne Berkeley in the 1980s. Photograph by Mark Lyndersay

Wayne Berkeley: the showman

Wayne Berkeley: Bridging his consummate professionalism to Carnival design, Berkeley is known as a master decorater.

Gayelle: The Channel

Screen Buzz (January/ February 2004)

Gayelle returns to the airwaves; Calypso Dreams captures the sound of a generation; and revisit Carnival 2003 on DVD.

Ken Morris in 1982, at the Savannah with Peter Minshall's band Papillon. Photo by Mark Lyndersay

Trinidad Carnival’s artists of the streets

Trinidad Carnival combines bacchanalian celebration with spontaneous street theatre, in an atmosphere of fantasy and “freeness”. Above all, it is the spectacle of the masquerade- thousands of costumed revellers transforming Port of Spain into a visual fantasia. The decades after the Second World War were a golden age of Carnival costume design. Dylan Kerrigan and Nicholas Laughlin profile the major designers of this era, the individuals whose imagination, craft, and passion created legends.

Peter Minshall in the 1980s. Photograph by Mark Lyndersay

Peter Minshall: the dramatist

Peter Minshall: Life, death, rebirth: Minshall uses the medium of mas to make statements more profound than anyone previously thought possible.

Photo courtesy CLICO

Art Buzz (January/February 2004)

A year's worth of art; and Bill Grace creates monuments to optimism.

Two individuals from Mexico 1591 to 1521 (1964). Photograph by Noel Norton

Harold Saldenah: the historian

Harold Saldenah 1925 - 1985: Sally's historical extravaganzas were famed for their scrupulous detail.

Bikinis, beads, braids

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