Issue 94
(November/December 2008)

In this Issue:

Costumed pirates in the Landing Pageant, on an authentic sailing ship, 'invade' a Cayman Islands harbour. Photograph courtesy Pirates Week Office/Miguel Escalante

Happenings (November/December 2008)

A brief look at the events that will have the Caribbean buzzing in November and December

Save some kilowatts by unplugging idle chargers and using surge protectors. Photograph by Andrea De Silva

Top ten ways to go green

Carefree living may be synonymous with the Caribbean, but saving the environment is serious business everywhere.

Jim Westlake. Photograph courtesy RBTT

Jim Westlake charts new waters

Jim Westlake plays guitar in a rock band, even though he’s also busy overseeing the Caribbean regional banking institution RBTT’s merger with the Royal Bank of Canada...

Near San Luis, San Andrés. Photograph by Nicholas Laughlin

San Andres: native island

They speak English with a Jamaican twang and listen to reggae and dancehall. But...

Belle Rosette and drummers. Photograph courtesy the Ray Funk Collection

Beryl McBurnie: the flowering of La Belle Rosette

Ray Funk traces Trinidadian dancer Beryl McBurnie’s stellar career in 1940s New York

Kei Miller. Photograph by Georgia Popplewell

Snapshots (November/December 2008)

A brief look at Caribbean people doing extraordinary things

Young Bill Rogers (Roger Hinds) performing in St Vincent in 2005. Photograph courtesy Roger Hinds

The ride of young Bill Rogers

His father was Guyana’s first international recording artiste and he is intent on keeping that legacy alive

Custom-made exotic metal, sterling silver and brown Jamaican agate, inspired by nature, crafted by Reve. Photograph courtesy Reve jewellery/Krystal Chung

Coral, crystal, coconut shell and copper

Laura Dowrich-Phillips digs up stylish and surprising accessories made from local materials

The International House Museum and Edgar Challenger Library in Basseterre, St Kitts. Photograph by Hans Mallalieu

The little house of history: St Kitts’ International House Museum & Edgar Challenger Library

Sharon Millar rummages through the historical documents in a tiny museum-cum-library in St Kitts

Learning the art of the all-important tyre iron. Photograph by David Katz

Du dup and djun-djuns: the Laventille Rhythm Section

Mesmerised by the sound of the Laventille Rhythm Section, David Katz didn’t notice he was being baptised in blue paint at 3 am one Trinidad Carnival

CD Cover

CD reviews (November/December 2008)

Reviews of some new Caribbean CDs

Marcus Garvey. Photograph by Rolls Press/Popperfoto/Getty Images

Book reviews (November/December 2008)

Reviews of some new Caribbean books

From left, Superior, Brigo, Conqueror, Sparrow and Christo. Photographer courtesy Calypso Dreams

Calypso dreams come true

Garry Steckles anxiously awaits the international release of Calypso Dreams, a movie that brings together Trinidad and Tobago’s best–known performers

November 1938: A Berlin synagogue burning on the night of Kristallnacht. Photograph by Paul Popper/Popperfoto/Getty Images

Rescued by racism

When Germany’s Jews decided to flee the Nazi onslaught in November 1938, they found refuge in the Dominican Republic...

Two-time Trinidad and Tobago bartending champion Raymond Edwards exhibits his skill. Photograph by David Wears

Angostura bitters: raising the bar

James Fuller was a “bitters virgin,” but after discovering that Angostura goes with everything, including his morning cuppa, he’s now a seasoned user

The museum on Angostura’s compound, detailing the history of the organisation and its most famous product. Photograph by David Wears

JGB Siegert: a taste for adventure

Judy Raymond traces the long and exciting journey of Angostura bitters’ inventor Dr JGB Siegert, from the battlefield of Waterloo to the rainforests

Heaps of deep red sorrel piled high in the car trunks of a roadside vendor in Trinidad. Photograph by Robert Taylor

Eat something before you go

Franka Philip has a new home, and Boxing Day dinner will be her first bash there. In true Caribbean fashion she’s planning a feast for the occasion

Santa on a Vincy sleigh dashing through the streets of Kingstown. Photograph courtesy the SVG Nine Mornings Committee

The nine days of Christmas

Forget the 12 days of Christmas: in St Vincent they celebrate for only nine—but they start from as early as 3am

Issue 94