Issue 44
(July/August 2000)

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Datebook (July/August 2000)

Here's news on the main events in July and August

Maraca: "I like to hear the flute in different contexts; it can fit everywhere". Photograph by Simon Lee

Voices: Maraca’s Other Vision

Meet Maraca, the talented young Cuban musician who's taking his "spirit" flute to the world

Sam Mendes with actress Jane Horrocks, star of the stage version (directed by him) and film version of Little Voices. Photograph courtesy Stephen Mendes

Island Beat (July/August 2000)

Keep in touch with the islands and people on the move
by and

Netwatch: Caribbean Summer

What's happening in the Caribbean on the net

Starwatch: Star Showers

A roundup of what to look for in the night sky

Over to you! (July/August 2000)

Your letters and answers to your questions, plus memorable quotes

Bookshelf (July/August 2000)

New and recent books about the Caribbean
by , and

Upbeat (July/August 2000)

Recent music from the Caribbean, plus the editor's picks
by , and

The Jumbie Bird: From East to West Indian

James Ferguson on Ismith Khan's 1961 novel, The Jumbie Bird, the tale of an East Indian family's journey of identity in pre-independence Trinidad

Gold for The Bahamas at the 1999 World Track and Field Championships in Seville, Spain. Left to right: Sevatheda Fynes, Debbie Ferguson, Pauline Davis- Thompson and Chandra Sturrup. Photograph by Shaun Botterill/Allsport

Dreams of Sydney

Kwame Laurence previews the Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia, and looks at what our Caribbean athletes hope to bring home

Illustrations by Christopher Cozier

A Roti to Die For

The life and times of a Trinidadian invention. Niala Maharaj goes in search of the World's Greatest Roti-Shop

Basilica de la Virgenita, near Santo Domingo. Photograph by Wyatt Gallery

Walking With the Conquerors in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic's capital is a modern Caribbean hot spot with all the noise and excitement of a big city, but a few steps away is the old colonial quarter, where some of the oldest buildings in the Americas still stand. James Ferguson reports on Santo Domingo, a city of startling contrasts

Photograph by Mike Toy

Barbados Shipwrecks Ahoy!

Photograher Mike Toy takes an underwater tour of Barbados's best-known shipwrecks and finds a paradise of divers

Fancy Stepper: Jigsaw-print string bikini, paired with mesh wrap skin by Dominique La Roche

Party Suits

Photographer Sean Drakes's sexy swimwear shoot, featuring hot new designs from Guyana-born US-based designer, Roger Gray, with bodies and beauty by Coco Velvet, and Trinidad and Tobago's wild Carnival as the scene-setter

Last captive Sisserou held in the aviary of the Botanical Gardens, Roseau. Photograph by Paul Reillo/RSCF

Saving the Sisserou

Dominica's Sisserou seems to a relic from an earlier time: it doesn't quite look, or behave, like the parrots people in the Caribbean often see squawking across the sky on evenings - and, unlike its cousins, the Sisserou is endangered. But the Sisserou has some good friends who have found a way to help save this remarkable bird. Peter Rickwood explains

Heading for the Nylon Pool, Buccoo Reef. Photograph by Sean Drakes/Blue Mango

Tobago Thrills

Tobago has a different kind of excitement, one that makes the tiny island overflow with unexpected delights. It's full of life – human, animal and bird– and its natural wonders surpass those of much larger islands. It's hard not to have a good time in Tobago. Donna Yawching explains

Illustration by Wendell McShine

The Brave and the Bold

It was the main event of the morning, and Mr Blaides, the head teacher, was the star performer. Haffezar Khan remembers a schoolyard tradition

Issue 44