Issue 124
( November/December 2013 )

In this Issue:


Golden Rock Regatta. Photograph courtesy Bob Grieser and Jaqueline Van De Weijer

Caribbean Datebook (November/December 2013)

Events around the Caribbean in November and December

City of Lights. Illustration by Darren Cheewah

Word of mouth (November/ December 2013)

Discover Trinidad’s Divali Nagar, Miami’s international art fair, and Jamaica’s annual pantomime

A balanced combination of leather and silk makes this Makeda clutch a must-have. Photograph courtesy Kesi Gibson

In the bag: Jamaican designer Kesi Gibson

Jamaican designer Kesi Gibson of Kyu Mélange creates handbags inspired by different cultures


Caribbean Bookshelf (November/December 2013)

This month’s reading picks — from photography to fiction


Caribbean Playlist (November/December 2013)

Recent tunes to get your feet tapping

Pan de batata. Photograph by Clara Gonzalez

The taste of home: Christmas recipes from the Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic, Christmas is time for a feast. But how do you recreate the taste of home when you’re far away? Clara Gonzalez gets creative



From island to end zone: Caribbean athletes in the NFL

Unknown to most sports fans at home, Caribbean athletes have exuberantly infiltrated the NFL. Here are four of the top stars

Hannah Lowe. Photograph by Tim Ridley

Making her claim: Writer Hannah Lowe

In her debut book Chick, poet Hannah Lowe — born in the UK to an Afro-Jamaican father and white British mother — comes to terms with family history

Photograph by Nadia Huggins

The popop spirit: Nassau’s Popopstudios International Centre for the Visual Arts

Founded by artist John Cox in 1999, Nassau’s Popopstudios International Centre for the Visual Arts has become an international art contender

Christopher Leecock. Photograph by Lou Noble

DJ Christopher ‘Jillionaire’ Leacock: “You have to give them a good time every night”

Trinidadian DJ Christopher Leacock, a.k.a. the Jillionaire, on the twist of fate that led him to the international DJ project Major Lazer

Jamaican producer Lee “Scratch” Perry gets festive. Photograph by David Corio

Christmas skanking: Caribbean music for the season

Garry Steckles isn’t a fan of traditional Yuletide music, “classics” like “White Christmas”. Luckily, Caribbean musicians have created their own genre


Morning traffic on the Paracauary River. Photograph by Nicholas Laughlin

Green days by the river: Marajó Island

Marajó Island, in the mouth of the mighty Amazon River, is more than three times the size of Jamaica, and little known outside Brazil

Photograph courtesy William Barrow

Float away: five ways to enjoy being out on the water in the Caribbean

In the Caribbean region, our lives our shaped by proximity to water. Here are five delightfully different ways to enjoy being out on the water

Photograph by Dri Castro

Los Roques: 50 shades of blue

Off the north coast of Venezuela, Los Roques is an archipelago of white sand cays surrounded by numerous shades of breathtaking blue sea


The grey waters of Dominica’s Boiling Lake are heated by an underground chamber of magma. Photograph by Images Dominica

What lies beneath: geothermal energy in Dominica

Dominica, the Antilles’ youngest island, is shaped by awesome volcanic forces beneath its surface — the key to an ambitious and sometimes controversia

Illustration by Rohan Mitchell

Henri Christophe’s palace of dreams in Sans Souci

Two hundred years ago, Haiti’s self-proclaimed king Henri Christophe completed his grand palace of Sans Souci. It was a sumptuous symbol of power

Photograph by Ingrid Moesan

Big Bang: Owru Yari (Old Year) celebrations in Suriname

End the year with a bang at Paramaribo’s Owru Yari celebrations