Issue 12
(Winter 1994)

In this Issue:

Issue 12


What next for Brian Lara?

After a year of record-breaking and the stresses of international fame, where does cricket star Brian Lara go from here? B.C. Pires finds out

Aimé Césaire: Reaching For Freedom

Caroline Popovic profiles one of the Caribbean's most influential writers and politicians, Aimé Césaire of Martinique

Trinidad Mas: Carnival of the World

More than a hundred cities and countries around the world now stage Trinidad-style Carnivals

Photograph by Chris Huxley

Luther François: Hearing The Music

St. Lucia's Luther François in one of the Caribbean's most versatile musicians and leader of the West Indies Jazz Band

Photograph by Roy O'Brien/ Jamaica Tourist Board

Falling For Jamaica

James Henderson explores the beauty and excitement of one of the Caribbean's most popular destinations

Slow Boat to the Islands

Joyce and Chris Huxley join the island steamer heading south for St. Vincent into the idyllic Grenadines

Photograph by Harold Prieto

Taking Over Manhattan

Doreen Taylor-Wilkie seeks out some of the communities - not least from the Caribbean - which make up New York's cosmopolitan population

The Dockyard Museum at English Harbour, once the admiral's house. Photograph by Sharon Almerigi

Lord Nelson’s Legacy in Antigua

One of the most successful conservation projects in the Caribbean is Nelson's Dockyard in Antigua. Sharon Almerigi investigates

Upbeat (Winter 1994)

Reviews of new Caribbean Music
by and

Bookshelf (Winter 1994)

Some new and recent books about the Caribbean

Illustration by Peter Jarrette

Caribbean Kitchen (Winter 1994)

The Latin Flavour

No Man's Land, Tobago. Photograph by Bruce Anton

Postcard from Tobago

Suzanne Atkin sounds as if she's not going to leave

Dan The Crab and The Dumpling Ghost

A story for younger children by Sonja Dumas

Hollywood in the Caribbean

Susan Ward looks back to the days when Humphery Bogart and Errol Flynn came to make movies

Illustration by Stuart Hahn

I Used to Live Here Once

A short ghost story by that Caribbean master of atmosphere, Dominica's Jean Rhys

Point and Click

Paul Keens-Douglas tries to get his photograph taken