Issue 116
(July/August 2012)

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Issue 116


Dr Wlliams and the Governor-General designate Sir Solomon Hochoy at the Children’s Rally. Photograph by © Information Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Communications

Remembering Independence 1962 in Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago

Photos from the 1962 celebrations in Trinidad & Tobago and Jamaica

Crop Over time. Photo courtesy the National Cultural Foundation

Happenings – July/August 2012

A round-up of current and coming events on the Caribbean calendar

The Band of the Grenadier Guards plays outside Buckingham Palace during the changing of the guard

Exploring Caribbean London

As the crowds begin to descend on London for the 2012 Olympics, Kito Johnson finds out how the Caribbean has helped to make London a great city

Yohan Blake is the current 100m world champion and one person who could take Usain Bolt’s Olympic crown. Photograph by © The Gleaner Company Ltd 2011

The Caribbean at the 2012 Olympic games

Kwame Laurence looks at the Caribbean athletes heading for the London Olympic Games, identifies the ones to watch, and weighs their chances of success


The ones to watch in London

Kwame Laurence lists potential medallists from the Caribbean

Merlene Ottey is a Caribbean legend. Photos by

A Golden Anniversary? The Caribbean at the Olympic Games

Looking back over the Caribbean presence at the Olympics (1900–present), Kwame Laurence weighs their chances of celebrating golden anniversaries with gold

Tanto Campbell (Jamaica) earned bronze in the last games in Beijing. Photograph courtesy the Jamaica Paralympic Association

The Caribbean paralympians 2012 — olympians too

After the Olympics come the Paralympics. The Caribbean competes there too, as Kwame Laurence explains

Richard Thompson. Photo by

Richard “Torpedo” Thompson: ready to fire

Trinidad sprinter Richard “Torpedo” Thompson tells his story to Kwame Laurence

Jamaal Bowen: Siegert’s Quest (left) and Farmer’s affair (right). Photograph courtesy Angostura

Mix it up

Debbie Jacob visits the 2012 Angostura Aromatic Bitters Global Cocktail Challenge and inspects some irresistible creations

Arpana eagle pose. Photograph courtesy Ginny Plumpton

Caribbean yoga: a path to inner peace

Traditional yoga is becoming steadily more popular in the Caribbean. So are new forms of yoga which the Caribbean has developed for itself

Lead singer Felipe Cardenas of Havana’s Remanente band. Photograph by David Katz

Do the Cubans do reggae?

Jamaica is only 90 miles from Cuba’s south coast: could rumours of an underground reggae scene in Cuba possibly be true? David Katz finds out

Illustration by Shalini Seereeram

Winter Wonderland

A short story by Anthony Milne


Reviews – July/August 2012

The new books, music and film that is reflecting the region right now

Illustration by Darren Cheewah

The Dinner Party – Heaven or Hell?

Franka Philip on how to manage a dinner party without turning a great occasion into an evening of hell

Three generations of Marley women; Rita Marley, Donisha and her mother Sharon. Photograph by Michael Chambers

The next generation of Marleys

Garry Steckles is impressed by the latest addition to the Bob Marley dynasty – the great man’s grand-daughter

Princess Margaret (1930-2002) dancing with Sir Alexander Bustamante (1884-1977), Jamaica, 1962. Photograph by © Keystone Archives / Heritage-Images

Jamaica: Freedom Come

James Ferguson recalls the day fifty years ago when Jamaica cut its colonial ties with Britain and became independent

Prince Harry copies Usain Bolt’s trademark move after their race in Jamaica earlier this year. Photograph by Aston Spaulding

Why do Jamaicans run so fast?

According to Nazma Muller in Kingston, it really is the grass